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Taking Control of Your Life Begins with the MindKathryn Samuels

Your Brain is the Most Powerful Computer in the World, but You Didn’t Get an Owner’s Manual

That is Why Kathryn Became a Licensed Life Coach, Specializing in Neuroscience – the Brain and How it Works

Work with Kathryn to Recondition Your Subconscious Mind Because It Drives 90% of What You Do and Get, and the Current Course Was Set When You Were Only a Child

Focus Your Self-Talk to Help You Get More of What You Want in Life, Release Unhelpful Emotional Triggers, and Guild a Healthy Self-Image

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I recognized that there was a missing element to helping people achieve wellness. This led me to become licensed as a life coach. My license is in the area of neuroscience; specializing in dealing with the brain and how it works. Did you know that we only think with 10% of our brains and the other 90% of the things that we do comes from our subconscious? This is a truly amazing fact when you stop to think about it. It provides the key to creating change in our lives. We have to take control of our thoughts. I want to help you to change the way you think about your health and wellness in a way that will help you make positive changes.

It begins with recognizing your emotional triggers and how they trigger a response pattern that happens automatically in your brain. I will help you to recognize them and deal with them by substituting better responses that will lead to new and better response patterns. That is the way to succeed in creating new and more successful patterns of thought and behavior in your life. Think of it as a way to rewire your brain to facilitate real and lasting change. It will ensure optimal behavior.

In the end we are all the authors of our own stories. I will assist you in rewriting and editing your own story. We will assess the ongoing narrative of your life. Like an author we will craft the overall plot of your life. We can edit and change things. We can create our own narratives and have happy endings for all our stories.

One of the most important rules of the universe is the law of attraction. Your focus determines what you attract to yourself. I will help you to attract what you want by helping you adjust your focus. Together we will target specific outcomes. That focus will allow you to put energy into what you want to achieve. That, in turn, will result in the outcomes you are looking for and helping you to “reset your clock.”

Society’s standards of beauty can be toxic to our self-image. It is important to focus on our health instead of society’s standards. That is the way to true beauty. Instead of focusing on the obstacles that are in our way we need to focus on the possibilities that exist in our lives. Instead of focusing on negativity we need to focus on the positive outcomes we desire. My job as a life coach is to help you with those things.

*Hourly, weekly or monthly sessions available in person, by telephone or Skype