Dr. Lauren Baker

I met Kathryn five years ago at a business networking international meeting and based on her physical persona, I wanted to exude the quiet strength that produces power to rise above the challenges that attempt to defeat us. I soon discovered Kathryn had written a short but awe-inspiring and encouraging book that details how to Discover the Courage to Be a New-U. I purchased her book, read it cover to cover, but didn’t make the commitment until much later, but a phrase from her book kept repeating itself: “it’s all about balance. You must eat smaller portions, work out, pray, and say positive remarks to yourself.”  So I made the commitment to “exercise faith” in making a “lifestyle change”.

In addition, Kathryn’s book teaches who she is, what she believes and how she lives and how to eat smartly when on the go or preparing home style meals.  How refreshing and faith confirming to meet and to develop a friendship with Kathryn, a true example of what “well-rounded” looks, acts, and feels like. In teaching the importance of nutrition, she also emphasizes why a person must understand exactly what he or she consumes.

After reading her book you too will find your own power to persevere, to encourage yourself, and to evolve into the whole person you dream of becoming just like her. I affirm that Kathryn’s book will help you just like it has me to jump start your life in giving birth to the courage to be the “New-U”.

Avis Sherman

“I have been trying to lose weight for the past 20 years. During those years, I have tried every fad diet and exercise gimmick, usually ending up gaining more weight in the end. Finally, in September 2013, Kathryn convinced me to begin following her workout regime and healthy eating plan. To date, I have lost 60 lb! Kathryn’s dedication, motivation, nutrition advice and exercise program, has changed my life! She has taught me how to make small changes over a period of time to reach my goals. I am feeling more confident than ever and can’t wait to continue my journey of being more fit and healthy in the months to come. She truly is a “Godsend!”

Heather Scherr, Mind-Body-Connection

I came to Kathryn looking to improve my overall health and fitness level. Using both traditional and innovative methods, we’ve sculpted my body, and I feel healthy and balanced. I’ve always been nutrition conscious and workout oriented, but Kathryn’s helped me take my fitness to the next level. I am pleased to say that I have benefited greatly from Kathryn’s expertise and motivation. She’s easy to work with and makes exercising a highlight in my week instead of a drag.

Deborah A. Olson, MA, LPC, RN

It is true that there really is a mind-body circuit within each of us. What we do to nurture and maintain our physical bodies does indeed affect our mental and emotional health as well. We need to conceive of this connection as separate parts that fit together to make the “whole”. Hopefully, this will result in a balanced and healthy, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. If we make our plan to stay in balance and meet the needs of these separate parts, we will realize our full potential and maximize our chances to live a more fulfilling life in all areas.

Working out and training with Kathryn has been a commitment that I made over a year ago to myself. I wanted to get more toned and in shape for my daughter’s wedding and I felt that the time was now to begin training for a new and better “me”. As a busy Mom, wife and working professional, I needed to carve out some time every week that was about making me more toned and healthy. The results have been worth all the effort and it is especially gratifying when friends and family have noticed the new changes and made positive comments to me. I can honestly say that as a 50-something year old woman, I feel better and more toned than ever before. It is never too late to begin new habits and start to reinvent yourself, from the inside out!

Fit and Fabulous, Debra

Before I met Katherine I worked in a gym, but never worked out in a gym! I was always afraid of what I should do or how I looked doing it. I was not familiar with how to use any of the equipment and was a little scared to learn on my own. I knew I needed to start getting back into shape, I just didn’t know how to go about doing it. That’s when I met Katherine and she changed it all. She encourages me throughout our workouts, takes the time to explain each exercise so that I know exactly what I am supposed to do, and she makes me feel extremely comfortable in doing it all. She targets areas that I want to work on for the day and she makes each workout unique and fun. I have been working with Katherine for almost 2 years and I have lost 30 pounds and dropped 4 clothes sizes! She is an extremely knowledgeable trainer who truly cares about her clients and wants them all to succeed!

Kristin G., 27 years old

I began working with Kathryn in the beginning of March 2008. I came to her as an avid runner that did little weight training and had more of a skinny physique than that of a long, lean body that I very much desired. Regardless that I was already such a great athlete and ate extremely healthy, I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my body.

 I realized that I was in a major rut and I didn’t know how to get out of that rut. Why wasn’t I getting toned? Why was I always so exhausted at age 27? That was such a question in my mind. Kathryn made that all clear to me – I was running so much and not eating enough that any little weight training I did was eating away at my muscles. So, I started running a little less and mixing up my cardio as advised by Kathryn. She also started training me with various weight exercises. I began working with her and making sure I got in the at least four days of weight training a day as well as keeping up with my new eating habits.

In just a short period of time I began seeing results! No skinnier figure and non-muscular physique! After I changed my diet and Kathryn “kicked my butt” I was seeing results in just a few short weeks. I became more muscular, less tired all the time and my body felt great. Yes, everyone will see results – you may not see them as quick as I did, but I assure you Kathryn is the answer to seeing the results that you do desire for! Thank you Kathryn for my beautiful body – I owe it all to you!

Gayle P.

I started training with Kathryn back in September 2007. I had a severe ankle injury that I got while working on an oil rig in Algeria. The pain and the weakness in the ankle forced me to limit my activities and slowed me down. There have been times that I have honestly wanted to quit, it seemed like too much work, but I have had wondering support from Kathryn.

Over the past months Kathryn has become someone I can count on to help me continue to push on. She has helped me figure out what exercises I can do. She has helped me build my upper body strength and is now helping me to work on my lower body to help in my overall recovery. I can count on her to help me push through when I want nothing more than to stay at home. She sees changes in my body that I often overlook. Whenever I am feeling discouraged she will help remind me of how far I have come. She helps me stay focused on moving forward. When working out on my own I can easily get bored and not sure what to do to change my routing, but with Kathryn I can always count on that added motivation to keep me going.

Ginger E.

I began training with Kathryn Samuels in late August 2006. At the time I was 47 years old and had some health issues over the past several years. When my doctor told me that he was considering putting me on medication to lower my cholesterol, I decided that I had to get in better physical condition. I had never been on a “diet” and had never seriously exercised in my life. I got the Polar watch and quickly learned how much work it is to burn off the calories I ate! I learned how to eat and how to exercise. Within three months I lost 15 pounds, 8% body fat and felt much healthier. After four months of exercise, my cholesterol went down 40 points. My doctor was very impressed! Kathryn continually pushes me to do more than I think I can do. I feel and look much better than I have in years. Kathryn is not only my trainer, she is my friend. I look forward to working with her each and every time we meet.

Susan K. – Believer!

Kathryn – My most sincere thanks for you for launching me into a completely new, healthy and rewarding lifestyle. Since I started training with you in October 2006, I continually surprise myself and my personal physician. At age 53, and for the first time in my life, I am taking care of myself with regular exercise and diet. When I started this “effort” – and I do mean EFFORT – in the back of my mind was the thought that it was too late for me. I have never been more wrong. I did all the work, but you gave me the tools for diet, exercise, and motivation to accomplish so very much. These are the results:

 I’ve –

  • Lost 33 lbs.
  • Lost 23.5 overall inches
  • Reduced my blood pressure, and as a result, reduced my medication
  • Eliminated oral medication taken for type 2 diabetes
  • Changed my cholesterol count from “too high to count” and could not be measured, to a now extremely low 74

 Most importantly, I feel great! Have more energy! And I know that I will keep the new lifestyle I’ve created for myself. Thank you – and I can’t say it enough – THANK YOU!

-Lori Scherr

‘I began training with Kathryn this past April after I got an invitation from my sister-in-law to try out a class with her. I had gained 30 pounds over a years’ time and had been trying to lose it on my own using some of the past diets I had been on. This time I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t getting results so I wasn’t motivated to keep trying. I just didn’t have any will power any more. I liked my trial class with Kathryn and have been going twice a week since then. Kathryn talked to me about nutrition and tips to eating healthier which I mostly knew, but she also talked to me about the importance of exercise with those tips. I hated exercise and had been successful over the years at keeping the weight off without that terrible action. Not so now. Evidently, Kathryn was right because between the end of April and the beginning of July, I actually lost 12 pounds! I look forward to going to exercise on my scheduled days and feet so much better after I’ve been. I was sore in the beginning, but Kathryn kept me going by talking to me about whatever might be on my mind that day. She has turned out to be not just a trainer and nutritionist, but also a friend that I look forward to seeing and talking to. I needed someone to be accountable to since I couldn’t keep myself in line anymore, and Kathryn’s regime has helped me reach all of my goals so far. To this date I have lost 32 pounds and have toned up muscles that I just didn’t think I could! Thank you, Kathryn! I don’t like to think about where I’d be without you! Hope you can keep listening and motivating me for a long time to come!’

-Debra S.  Almost retirement age!

“I was excited to work with Kathryn because I did not feel comfortable in a gym or health club setting. I felt that I needed one-on-one attention, but I also wanted my privacy! Kathryn was able to provide that.

My realistic goal was not to make drastic changes, but to become stronger and healthier. I had lost stamina over the years, and I had experienced lower back pain for many years. I was never an athlete and never liked the thought of working out, but I knew that I needed to build up my body. While working with Kathryn, I have been able to build my stamina and strengthen my whole body. My back seldom hurts, my posture has really improved, and I have lost inches. Even my husband noticed!

I will never be a lover of exercise, but I want to continue to do what I can to strengthen and protect my body for my future. Thanks, Kathryn!”

-Connie Rountree

 “I had been an avid exerciser for years, but when I went to work full time, about 3 years ago, my workouts became few and far between. I was gaining weight and losing muscle on a daily basis and was extremely disappointed in myself. I had reached an all-time high on my weight and couldn’t stand to look at myself in pictures.

My friend told me that she was going to a personal trainer and had lost about 20 pounds. I had never before considered a personal trainer because I never thought I needed one. My thoughts were, “I’m not spending money on that! I know what to do to get myself in shape!” Never say “never.”

I called my friend the next day and got Kathryn’s information. I emailed her immediately, and she called me in a matter of minutes. I started with my first workout on July 4. Independence Day in more ways than one! I have now been working with Kathryn for almost 4 months. At my last measurement, I had lost a total of 18 1/2 inches. I have more energy, stamina, muscle tone and enthusiasm for exercise than I have had in years.

There are so many things that I enjoy about my workouts with Kathryn. She has learned what I can handle and what I need. I like to be pushed as far as I can go; whereas, some of her other clients might like a lighter workout. She constantly changes up my workouts so that I don’t get bored, and, most of all, she makes the workouts fun! It is obvious that she genuinely cares about her clients and the progress that they make. My goal is to look great in a great dress for a big event my family will be attending in April. But by no means do I plan to stop my workouts with Kathryn after that event. This is a permanent change for me, and I intend for Kathryn to be part of it.”

-Daniel Griffies

“I have had a weight problem since I was very young. I have been on several diets and have been unable to lose weight. Because of my weight problem I had several health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. Kathryn put me on a comprehensive program of diet and exercise that was surprisingly easy to stay with. Since she has been working with me I have lost 90 pounds and continue to lose weight at a slow and steady pace. My blood sugar has gone down significantly, and my blood pressure has improved as well. Even my cholesterol has improved. Doctors are amazed at the dramatic improvements to my health. In short she has achieved what doctors and diets could not.”

“I enjoy my workout sessions with Kathryn for many reasons. First and foremost Kathryn takes pride ensuring that the workout experience is tension-free. This is exhibited by the ambiance of her workout environment, which is warm and inviting unlike a typical gym, which can be cold and unappealing. Also, I enjoy the personal attention I receive from Kathryn during my workout sessions. Yeah!! I can also now get into my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!”