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Diets Fail 95% of the Time Because They Work Against Your Body’s Natural Processes.

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There is old adage of computer programmers that goes; “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. In other words, you can’t have a computer that runs well if you don’t have good code operating it. This is doubly true of our bodies. We can’t have a healthy body that runs at an optimal level without feeding it the best fuel. No lifestyle change that leads to improved health and wellness has a chance of succeeding without addressing nutrition. The food and beverages you put into your body are crucial! Remember that saying “you are what you eat?” Well, that is absolutely correct. We often forget that we have only one body and one life to live with that body. Our aging process will be strongly influenced by how we treat our body. If we don’t treat our body with respect, it affects the rest of our life. Treating our body better is important to living a better life overall. My job is to help you find a healthy diet that works for you and that can stick with over time.

Diets Don’t Work

One of the first things we need to do is separate the concept of our regular diets from the multitude of diet plans that purport to help us lose weight. Those second types of diets do not work; particularly over time. You need to have a sustainable and healthy diet that will provide you with good fuel for your body.

The diet industry is a $54 billion industry with 95% failure rate. Despite all our diet foods and plans, Americans are still getting fatter. That is certainly throwing a lot of money away. Yet, despite all the money spent yearly on dieting, 66% of Americans are overweight today. That is up from 58% in 1983. The percentage seems to increase with alarming regularity. It seems poised to continue to get worse when considering that the average diet of Americans is higher in salt, sugar and processed food than ever. What is the solution?

At one time, I also tried many diets and supplements to lose weight. The end result was always the same. I would lose the weight, but I would gain it right back with a few pounds added as an unhealthy bonus! Then, I found out that they didn’t work for a variety of reasons:

  • First, no one can sacrifice forever. Caloric restriction doesn’t work. Feeling severely deprived only leads to binge eating in order to satiate our bodies.
  • Second, low calorie diets produce tired and cranky people. Your energy and mood are very dependent on the food you eat. Constantly depriving your body of the food it needs leads to feeling blue and grouchy. You need a certain level of food to maintain your mood and feel good.
  • Third, low-calorie diets force the body to utilize lean muscle for energy. This disrupts the body’s ability to burn fat rather than enhancing it. Thus the body’s fat burning machinery is lost. These diets actually have the opposite effect from the one desired. They actually impair our ability to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight. The number we see when we step on a scale may go down, but it is destined to go right back up when food restriction ends due to loss of lean muscle. Loss of lean muscle equates to a reduction in basal metabolic rate.
  • Fourth, when the lost weight is regained- it’s all fat. The fat will be out of proportion to lean muscle and that is not healthy.

The only known method of permanent weight loss is to fuel the body properly so that muscle loss does not occur. We do not need a temporary diet to lose weight but a permanent change in what we eat and how we eat. We need to begin to eat a healthy diet that will satisfy our body’s nutritional needs.

However, making these changes in basic nutrition and learning how to give our bodies the optimal fuel is not always easy on your own. We all need help to stay healthy. That is why I became a certified Nutrition Consultant with Lifestyle Management Associates. I felt a deep desire to help other people achieve a healthy life and eat well. Together we will work through combinations and types of foods, and portion sizes. I will help you break bad habit and establish good ones. We will work to adjust your diet so that you are getting the nutrition you need, building that good, lean muscle, and feeling energized from the food you eat. Together we can achieve your goals for a lasting lifestyle change that will leave you healthier and feeling better than ever!

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