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“My vision is to help heal and transform lives. I help people craft lifestyles for themselves that allow them to be healthy; mentally, spiritually and physically.”

My Story

Meet Kathryn, Professional Life & Health Coach

Kathryn’s own struggles with weight, health, and self-esteem led to learning, and the understanding led to personal success (Kathryn lost 60 lbs. over 10 years ago, and has kept it off).

Inspired by her own success, Kathryn sought the certifications, training, and licenses she needed to help you get the results you want from your life.

My vision comes from a place of empathy. In the past I have struggled with my own self-esteem. It hasn’t always been healthy. I felt pressure to meet certain goals. I felt bad about myself and struggled with a nearly overwhelming fear of failure.  That fear would cause me to put off working on my goals and make excuses; I didn’t have the time, I was too busy, I can’t fit another thing in my schedule. Half-way toward achieving the goal I would quit. Often I was just short of completing my goal when I quit. I simply would stop to soon. I became stuck in that cycle. I lacked personal growth and I also struggled with my weight.

My Approach

Through fun, education, and a positive outlook on life we progressively integrate personal responsibility and accountability. We prioritize the important things and select strategies that create a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and in the lives of the next generation, who are depending on our guidance.

I am a health and wellness consultant. In my practice I work with everyone; adults, children, couples, and families. I believe that achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the most unselfish and important gift that can we can give to our family, our friends, and ourselves. Today we all have a variety of challenges. We seek to balance between work and home. We want to show leadership at work and create a great home life. We want to take part in our communities and our religious institutions. While we are trying to be all things to all people we fail to make our own health a priority. That is a poor example to set for our children. I am happy to accept clients who are ready to embrace the philosophy that all the choices we make everyday matter. There is no magic formula for success. We just have to participate in life and respect our bodies for the amazing organisms that they are. 

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