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I’m a life coach, nutrition specialist, personal trainer, author, and motivational speaker. I help my clients to formulate a strategy for achieving balance and complete wellness in their lives.

Taking Control of Your Life Begins with the Mind

Your brain is the most powerful computer in the world, but you didn’t get an owner’s manual that’s why Kathryn became a Licensed Life Coach, specializing in Neuroscience, the brain and how it works.

Here are some expected outcomes from embarking on this journey with Kathryn:

  • Learn to navigate the wilderness of life and find your true path through it. Once on that path you will make decisions that lead to wellness.
  • Learn the process of eliminating negative thoughts that hold you back and encourage you to develop positive feelings about yourself and focus on your wellness.
  • A personal Coach who will cheer you on and motivate you. I’ll match my knowledge to your experience.
  • Develop a strategy that has specific steps for you to implement as you search for balance and complete wellness.
  • Re-invent yourself. It is about achieving control over your words and the thoughts that will shape your future.
  • Achieve balance in your personal and professional life and rediscover your passion.


Reaching your goals is easier when there is someone there to hold you accountable along the way.

Guaranteed Results

If you put in the work you’ll get the results you seek — guaranteed.

Customized For You

Choose from hourly, weekly or monthly sessions and meet in person, by telephone or via Skype.

Other Services I Offer

I recognize that as we strive to become the best version of ourselves that there are other areas that you may need to be supported with. I provide services to help you live your best life. 

Personal Training

Exercise is the other crucial component to weight loss. Study after study has shown that a sedentary lifestyle measurably reduces our lifespan and our quality of life. Starting an exercise regime is critical to our well being. Exercise helps us feel energized and it has a number benefits for our overall health. As a personal trainer I can also assist you with starting an fine-tuning your exercise regime.

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Nutrition & Weight Loss

There is old adage of computer programmers that goes; “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. In other words, you can’t have a computer that runs well if you don’t have good code operating it. This is doubly true of our bodies. We can’t have a healthy body that runs at an optimal level without feeding it the best fuel. No lifestyle change that leads to improved health and wellness has a chance of succeeding without addressing nutrition. The food and beverages you put into your body are crucial!

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